« Awaken your potential and tap into your resources to steer your personal life and career along the path of fulfilment and serenity »

My mission

My mission

Offer tailored support to help you unlock your potential, individually or as a group, by developing your skills and your emotional and relational intelligence and conquering your cognitive barriers.

To achieve this objective, I look to my considerable management experience and I use Sophrology techniques to guide you in listening to your feelings: emotions, physical sensations and thoughts.

I also draw on the neurocognitive and behavioural approach, which is part of the cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) movement to help you understand your thought patterns and behaviour.

My services


  • Life coaching

Through individual coaching sessions, I work with people who are looking to fulfil their potential in their careers or tap into the resources they have within themselves to take charge of their own lives.

  • Career coaching

With almost two decades of management experience, I am also perfectly placed to coach company directors, executives, project leaders and HR managers confronted with the complex situations that arise when organisations face uncertainty and new challenges. In addition, I support teams leading complex, ground-breaking projects. I have particular expertise in project management in multi-cultural and international environments.


I offer Sophrology sessions, for individuals or groups, to promote day-to-day wellbeing. Through these sessions, we work together on a theme that is of interest to you. Sophrology can help reduce anxiety in your day-to-day life, guard against burn-out, develop your assertiveness, enhance your self-esteem and much more.

My strengths

  • RNCP-certified Sophrologist 
  • Certified ANC (neurocognitive and behavioural approach) practitioner
  • Inclusive manager with 20 years’ experience
  • Bespoke support
  • Good communicator, grounded
  • Multi-cultural, international outlook

My values


My empathetic approach helps me build a solid partnership with the people I support.


I am fully invested in human relationships, neurosciences and Sophrology. My dedication forms the basis for all my work.


By combining active listening skills with an high degree of sensitivity, I create an open and supportive atmosphere during all my sessions.


While confidentiality is of course a priority for me, I firmly believe in being transparent with the person I am supporting, across all areas of my work.