Understanding our thought patterns, behaviour and emotions helps us to progress change and take a fresh view of the events and projects in our lives.

My approach to coaching

Through a tailored coaching programme, I can stand at your side, guiding you as you put in place solutions and concrete actions to move your towards the objective that you have defined yourself or that we will set together during our first session.

Coaching is a collaborative process and requires a commitment from both the coach and the coachee in order to achieve specific goals throughout the coaching period.

The quality of the partnership between the coach and the coachee is also vital if they are to work effectively as a team. My role as the coach is to provide a framework and established expertise based on my experience, my techniques and tried and tested tools, with humility. As the coachee, you are responsible for achieving the goals you decide to set for yourself. During the coaching period, with my support you will become more autonomous and benefit from my ability to listen actively and without judgement. You will gain the means to drive forward your project and the changes you have decided to make, and that you alone can achieve.

Life coaching

Life coaching is for you if you want to start maximising your potential, tapping into your resources and taking concrete, informed action to steer your life on the path you have chosen.

Here are some examples of areas where I can offer support, which is always tailored to your individual situation.

  • Learning to let go,
  • Being perfect, complete with your imperfections,
  • Guarding against burn-out,
  • Recognising your accomplishments unreservedly,
  • Managing your hypersensitivity

…and other themes we can explore together !


Life coaching – the stages

Step 1


During our first meeting, we will look together at your current situation and set your key goal.

Step 2


I will guide you to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) goals based on your current situation.

Step 3


I will help you put in place an action plan to achieve your objectives, and track your progress at each session.

Step 4


I will support you in overcoming the emotional, behavioural and thought barriers that stand in your way as you progress towards your key goal.

How life coaching works

Session duration: 90 minutes to 2 hours

Number of sessions: 6 to 8 (the number of sessions can be set and a contract signed after the first session – additional sessions can be added at your request)

Location: at L’Atelier or remotely (Zoom)

Cost: €90 including tax per session.

Career coaching

Career coaching is for individuals and project teams working in private- and public-sector organisations.

Career coaching – the stages

An initial meeting is arranged with the organisation responsible for the coachee or project team, in order to understand the expectations, talk about the goal and determine the context surrounding the decision to work with a coach.

A second meeting is then organised between the coach and the coachee (or project team), where we will work together in a cooperative and focused way to agree on the goal to be achieved.

Executives, Directors and Managers

Coaching can be used to reinforce team leadership skills, prepare for a smooth career transition, lay the ground for integrating a new entity into the organisation or give new meaning to a career path.

Some themes we could explore together through a tailored programme are:

  • Developing inclusive management,
  • Strengthening your leadership,
  • Avoiding burnout,
  • Developing team motivation

…and other themes we can explore together !

Project teams

Coaching can offer tailored support for teams who want to improve team member communication, promote stakeholder cohesion and improve the management of uncertainty throughout the project lifecycle.

The types of themes we can explore together through a tailored programme include :

  • Communicating effectively within the project team,
  • Strengthening motivation,
  • Managing uncertainty,
  • Giving new meaning to the roles of project stakeholders

…and other themes we can explore together !

How career coaching works

Session duration : 90 minutes to 2 hours

Number of sessions : 6 to 8 (the number of sessions can be set and a contract signed after the first session – additional sessions can be added at your request, subject to the company’s approval)

Location : on company premises, at L’Atelier or remotely (Zoom)

Cost : please contact me for a quotation by emailing or calling +33(0)6 82 04 27 37

Any question or project?

Dot not hesitate to contact me to share your project, your needs, and then design a custom offer together !