About me

With almost twenty years’ experience in managing international projects and cross-functional teams behind me, I have decided to share my interest in and experience of human connections with others. I want to help people like you maximise their potential, awaken their deep-seated motivations and overcome cognitive and behavioural barriers to optimise their effectiveness, either individually or as part of a team, while learning to stay in touch with their feelings.


After a graduate degree in engineering, specialising in physics, I worked in private-sector companies focusing on new technologies, in a multicultural and international environment. I held several posts in new product development and complex project management, and then managed teams based in France and abroad.


My first meeting with a Sophrologist in 2019 was a major source of inspiration in my journey through life. Sophrology is a mental and physical method that puts you more in touch with your feelings and helps you to enhance your day-to-day wellbeing and develop your potential. It reinforces the harmony between the body and the mind, in the surrounding environment. Enrolling on a course at the Paris Sophrology Training Institute (Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie) seemed like a logical step, to reinforce my own daily practice and share this approach with my clients. As I hold an RNCP (French national qualifications list) certification as a Sophrologist, I use certain exercises from this method in the life and career coaching sessions that I lead. I also offer dedicated Sophrology sessions.

Please click here for more information about Sophrology, click here.

Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach

In 2021, I began working towards a specialisation in the Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach (ANC) initiated by Dr Jacques Fradin, which is part of the cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) movement. This approach is based on the latest neuroscience research. It improves our understanding of mental and behavioural processes, and consequently enables us to act more effectively and make better decisions in complex situations. As a certified ANC practitioner, I use this very rich frame of reference, together with diagnostic and action tools, in all my coaching sessions.

For more information about the neurocognitive and behavioural therapy approach (ANC), please click here, click here.


Following on from ANC, which was developed as a result of 35 years of cross-disciplinary research, I became a certified Profil’INC Consultant in 2022. Profil’INC is a clinical tool used to explore the different facets of a person’s behavioural dynamics. It helps us to understand human behaviour and evaluate:


  • Unconditional, long-term motivations, which bring us pleasure and performance
  • Conditional motivations, which depend on results and recognition
  • Our confidence, in ourselves and in others
  • Our ability to adapt in complex or uncontrolled situations
  • Our risk of demotivation or overinvestment.

Qualifications & Certifications

RNCP-certified Sophrologist – Paris Sophrology Training Institute, 2022

Certified ANC (neurocognitive and behavioural approach) practitioner – Institute of Neurocognitivism, Paris, 2022

Certified Profil’INC Consultant – Institute of Neurocognitivism, Paris, 2022

Certified Project Management Professional, since 2012. Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), France

Graduate degree in engineering, specialising in physics – Grenoble INP, 2003

« L’Atelier »

Coaching and Sophrology sessions are held at my office, known as “L’Atelier”, in Sandillon (Loiret, Centre-Val de Loire, France). L’Atelier is set on two floors. The downstairs has been fitted out for group coaching sessions. The upstairs is used for individual coaching sessions, and for Sophrology sessions.

L’Atelier is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

I am also happy to travel to your premises, whether you are a business, local authority or charity.

In addition, sessions can be held remotely (via Zoom).

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